Der Bundesgerichtshof

Professor Dr. Günter Hirsch

- Curriculum Vitae -

Günter Erhard Hirsch was born on January 30, 1943 in Neuburg/Danube, the second child of Erhard Hirsch and Anni Hirsch, née Bairlein.
Married to Dr. Marta Hirsch-Ziembiñska, jurist, diplomat.

Educated at primary school and classical grammar school in Neuburg/Danube. School-leaving examination 1964.
Studied law at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen (1964-1969).
First State Law Examination 1969, Second State Law Examination 1973.
Research Assistant, Chair of Criminal Law at the University of Erlangen (1969-1973).
Doctor’s degree “Doktor jur.” conferred by the University of Erlangen (1973).
Joined the Bavarian judicial service in 1973.
Public Prosecutor (1975/1976).
Municipal Court Judge (1976, 1980).
Attended the 15-month administrative management course of the State Chancellery of Bavaria (1978/1979) with study visits i.a. in Great Britain, the USA and at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.
Presiding Judge at the Regional Court (1982-1984).
Head of section at the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice (specialist adviser i.a. for constitutional law, European law and Bundesrat matters).
Last (1989 to 1992) Assistant Director and head of the division Legislative Planning, Constitutional Law, European Law at the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice.
President of the District Court Dresden (1.9.1992 to 31.12.1992).
President of the Higher Regional Court Dresden (1.1.1993 to 6.10.1994).
President of the Constitutional Court of the Free State of Saxony (18.6.1993 to 31.3.1995).
Appointed Judge at the Court of Justice of the European Communities (7.10.1994 to 14.07.2000).
Appointed President of the Federal Court of Justice (15.07.2000).
Vice President of the Association of the Presidents of the Highest Courts of Justice of the European Union.
President of the Academy for Management and Commerce Baden in Karlsruhe.
Member of the Disciplinary Commission of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA).
From 1984 to October 1994 Secretary-General and Vice President respectively of the German Society for Medical Law.
Member of the Academy Ethics in Medicine.
Member of the Society for Comparative Law.
Member of the Society for Public International Law.
Honorary Professor for European Law and Medical Law at the University of the Saar.
Publications in the field of criminal law, medical law, public law and European law.